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TRC Covers- Protect those rods!!

This has always been a bit of a no-brainer for me, but I see a lot of people spending hundreds of dollars on rods, and not protecting them with covers. Same thing with their reels. I always put my rods into TRC covers, even when they are just sitting in my garage. You never know when mayhem will come to visit.

Here's a quick little video introducing you to some of the features of my rod and reel covers of choice made by TRC. If you head over to their website, , you can order up your own customer covers and save some $$ using the code South10. Do you own and bait and tackle shop, rod company, or just want to get your personal logo on your covers? TRC can do it for you. (Check out the black spinning rod cover I have in the video with the Skirmish Baits logo on it) Get with me and I'll let you know how. Make sure you tell them Billy Reynolds sent ya!!

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