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Vibe Seaghost / Vibe Yellowfin Seat Risers

The Vibe SeaGhost and Yellowfin are awesome kayaks. I've had several SeaGhost 130s as my tournament kayak for the past two seasons. However, a lot of folks, including myself, would like just a bit more rise in the seat for comfort purposes. Mark Leyde has solved that issue with the introduction of injection molded ABS resin risers designed specifically to fit the Vibe Hero seat. They can be used on either the front of the seat or on both the front and the back. I think most people will want to go with front only because it angles the seat in a manner that adds a bit more leg room and allows you an alternate position to put a nice bend in your leg for those long days out on the water. It's pretty amazing the difference a 2" rise in the front of the seat makes. For under $30, Mark will priority ship a pair right to your door. If you want a second set, there is a discount. You can contact Mark here.....Mark Leyde Seat Riser.

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