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YakAttack Mast Repair Kit on "Whatcha Got?"

The kayak fishing world is awesome. People sharing ideas, places to fish, and their opinions on gear. Of course I want to do my part as well and I come across a whole bunch of really cool gear and tackle in my travels. So, I've decided to launch a new video series called "Whatcha Got?"

Every time I'm at a ramp ready to launch, someone is either checking out my gear or I'm checking out someone's gear. It's a whole bunch of, "Whatcha Got?". With that in mind, "Whatcha Got?" is going to be simple, down and dirty, short videos that show a product, tell you a little bit about them, and hopefully answer some questions that you might have. It might feature a kayak, or it might be something as simple as a EWG hook.

YakAttack is kicking it off with their Mast Repair Kit for the Visicarbon Pro. I broke my mast when I was turtled by a boat and YakAttack busted butt to get a repair kit to me before a tournament. Outstanding customer service and it was a super simple repair. Check it the video, which like I stated, is down and dirty. No Hollywood productions here folks. Simply sharing what I've got!!

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