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Kayak Angler Profile- Dwain Batey

In the bass fishing world, a "stick" is a guy or gal who just flat out catches fish. There are "sticks" and then there is Dwain Batey. One look at Dwain's TourneyX profile will show you what I'm talking about. Dwain has participated in 31 tournaments, placing top ten in 18 of those and an astounding 10 first place finishes! If that isn't enough for you, Dwain is THE painter behind all of the incredible hand painted baits that you can find at Skirmish Baits. And guess what Dwain is catching all of those bass on? Yep, his own hand painted Skirmish Baits. This man puts his money where his mouth is.

Kayak angler and Skirmish Baits master of the paint Dwain Batey

Name Dwain Batey Where do you live? Arkansas

Have we fished together yet? If so, do you remember where?

Not that I know of.

-------->>(We haven't. If I see Dwain's name, I try to stay away. We already know who's going to win.)

What kayak do you use for tournaments?

This year I am fishing out of the Hobie Pro Angler 12

When and why did you start kayak bass fishing competitively?

I got my first kayak in October 2015 and my first season was in 2016

What are some of your accomplishments that you are most proud of in the sport?

I have won over 10 tournaments in the short time I've been kayak fishing (that's what TourneyX shows, but I have a few other non-TourneyX wins that don't show up there so I'm not sure what the real total is) of those my two KBF Trail series wins are the ones that I'm most proud of.

What are some of the companies that you are sponsored by or pro staff for?

I'm the co-founder of Skirmish Baits, so of course I'm on our staff, and also Buff U.S.A. Couldn't do it all without the support of Ozark Mountain Trading Company, and of course Hobie.

What is your biggest fish to date and what did you catch it on?

I caught an 11 lb 2 oz bass way back in 1994, but that was wayyy before my kayak days. My best since I started kayak fishing has been a 23 inch bass.

What are your biggest challenges either during tournaments or leading up to a tournament?

I have a problem with Anxiety and that can be a real problem until the actual tournament starts, and then it's gone, and it's time for business.

Sleep in the car, arrive the morning of the tournament, or grab a hotel?

Usually arrive the morning of for close events, and while I've been known to stay in the truck, I prefer a hotel if finances allow.

One piece of equipment that you wouldn’t consider fishing a tournament without?

I always have a Skirmish Baits M9-OK (One knocker) square bill tied on, that bait has been my go-to bait. It has produced either my biggest fish of the day or the majority of my fish in all but one event that I've won (that one I won on a jig) I use many colors, but I would say that Cricket Shad would be the one that is tied on most often, that one is money.

-------->>(Editor's note. I linked directly to the M9-OK Cricket Shad. If you don't click on the link and buy a couple right now, don't blame me.)

We all have preconceived notions of what we were getting into before that very first tournament. Have there been any surprises along the way for you? If so, what were they?

Usually it's weather for me, that's one of the reasons I hardly ever prefish, I don't like to get those preconceived notions about what's going on specifically long before an event. I like to show up and then let my gut point me in the right direction.

Who is one person you would love to kayak bass fish with?

Last fall I got to fish with Chad Hoover and do some filming, so since I've already fished with him I'm going to say Ron Champion. He's a really good guy, and while I haven't met him in person yet or fished with him I think he'd be a blast to fish with.

What would be one piece of advice that you would give to someone considering entering the sport?

If you're going to fish kayak bass tournaments learn how to take good pictures of the fish. I came from a bass fishing background so I didn't have any issues with the fishing side, but I really pushed myself to figure out how to make sure my pictures were on point because I've seen a lot of people catch the most fish but lose over that, and it's something everyone can avoid if they put in the time to learn that side of it early. Take multiple pictures and don't let the fish go until you check that at least one shot is good. Oh, also get a Tourney-Tag to put your identifier in.

How do we follow you on social media?

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