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New Kayak Fishing Club in Missouri

Kayak Bass Fishing is exploding all across the country. I have been very active fishing the Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) trail, and will continue to do so in 2018. KBF events have taken me across the country, fishing events in nine different states last year. But, it's also nice to be able to fish events in your own state, or a neighboring state. Missouri has been one of the states in need of a few more clubs, and in 2018, Kayak Anglers of Missouri, or KAMO, will be one option for Midwest anglers.

Based out of Forsyth, MO, KAMO will offer 8 Trail events in 2018, as well as a championship event. KAMO was designed to be family oriented from its inception, so it is a great choice for anglers who want to compete in kayak bass fishing events, but don't want to leave the spouse and kids behind. Although this is a serious kayak bass fishing series, all levels of competitors are encouraged to attend the events. There will be a huge focus on educating new anglers so that they can make sure they are not only getting the basics down when it comes to CPR tournaments (Catch, Photo, and Release), but they will also have the knowledge and confidence needed to compete in other events.

If you think this is for you, check out their website by clicking on the logo below.

Tournaments are scheduled in various parts of Missouri, so there is a great chance that if you live in Missouri, or a neighboring state, there will be at least one event near you. When you get there, make sure you stop by and tell me Hi. Just try your best not to outfish me.

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